Solar PV Battery Storage

Do you have a Solar PV system fitted on your home, or are you getting a system installed soon? Speak to us about how storing the extra energy produced by your solar panels can save you even more money on your electricity bills, using a battery storage solution.

A typical standard Solar PV installation will use only 25% of the free energy generated, with the rest being exported back to the grid.

To make the best use of all the free electricity generated by your solar PV installation, you can add a battery storage system to your solar PV. By adding battery storage to your solar PV, you can increase your consumption of the electricity produced by your Solar PV from 25% to 80%.

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How does a battery system work?


A battery charging system constantly monitors the energy being generated by your solar; it compares this against what you are consuming in your home. When the generation and load conditions allow, the battery system will automatically divert any excess energy into itself to be stored for use at a time when your solar PV is not generating electricity (such as at night) or when demand exceeds your solar system’s capacity.


Hybrid Inverter Battery Storage System

A hybrid inverter system is an inverter that connects to the Solar PV panels, the battery storage, and the load monitoring equipment. It can supply AC electricity to you home from either the solar panels installed or the battery storage system.

These systems, if fitted with an off grid relay, can also be used to provide an “Emergency Power Supply” in the event of loss of power from the national grid.

This type of battery system is ideal for new solar PV installations. If you wanted this type of system adding onto your existing Solar PV system, your system would require a hybrid inverter fitted, but we can advise you about this.


Retrofit Battery Storage System

If you had a retrofit battery system installed to accompany your existing Solar PV installation, it would comprise of an AC or DC battery charge controller, and a load monitoring control system.

The load monitoring system can switch the power source and provide AC electricity to your property from your battery storage system when the solar PV is not generating electricity (at night) or when demand exceeds your solar PV system’s capacity.

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