In today’s news it has been claimed that Britain may suffer from more frequent energy blackouts if plans to shut down smaller power stations go ahead.

What would this mean to you?

If you are an industrial energy user, you may suffer from higher energy prices and energy blackouts as the spare or surplus energy available in the UK is limited to only 3.4GW, which includes emergency energy under existing schemes.

See the article on MSN Money, taken from the Telegraph, which gives more details behind the suggested future predicted issues.

How can you avoid blackouts and energy shortages?

One of the easiest methods to ensure that a proportion of your energy supply is kept at a stable cost and rate is to invest in solar energy, and battery storage, to store the energy created and to use the energy at times suitable to your requirements.

Speak to us today, or see our information on commercial Solar PV and Battery Storage.

Worksop Golf Club - Commercial Solar PV put to great use


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