Electrical Project Management


Do you have an electrical project you need help with? We can offer full project management services to help you achieve your goals

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Voltage Optimisation


Voltage optimisation can help your business save money and pro long the life of your electrical equipment

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Electrical Services

We have years of proven expertise and extensive experience in all types of electrical services, in all commercial situatuion; installation, maintenance, testing and inspection.

LED Lighting

Installing LED Lighting in your business can introduce many benefits; from energy savings to cutting your lighting bills instantly.

Sun / Plug

Solar PV

Installing a solar PV system on your business premises can save your business money on its electricity, and can reduce your business carbon footprint.

Battery Icon

Battery Storage

Do you need an energy storage solution for your business? We have researched numerous systems and have the knowledge to design and install the right cost effective solution for your business.

Heat Symbol Icon

Far Infrared Heating

The latest no intrusive, efficient heating technology available for your business premise today.

Voltage Meter Icon

Voltage Optimisation

Introducing voltage optimisers into your business premises can give you energy and cost savings, and prolong the life of your business equipment.

Car and Plug

Vehicle Charge Points

EV charge points are an asset to your business. Install them in your car park to allow your staff and your customers to charge their electric vehicles.

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Project Management

We provide a full turnkey, end to end approach to all our installations. What ever the size of your electrical project, we can manage this for you from beginning to end.

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