Commercial Solar PV installation at Worksop Golf Club 2015

Commercial Solar PV


Why choose Solar PV for your business premises?

With pressures from the Government for companies to reduce their carbon footprint, and the unpredictable rise of the utility company energy prices businesses are looking more closely at what your business pays for electricity and how it is used.

Commercial Solar PV installations can be a great solution for all businesses with medium to high power needs, especially in manufacturing, to significantly reduce their dependency for buying and using electricity from the grid.

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Why choose PowerPoint for your installation?

PowerPoint has fitted solar PV systems for   many satisfied clients, both domestic and commercial, as our recent work portfolio shows.

Our PV installation services are professional and affordable, making us your first choice   for your commercial Solar PV installation.


Who would benefit from a solar PV installation?

  • Schools and educational buildings
  • Hospitals and surgeries
  • Local Authority properties and buildings
  • Social Housing Schemes
  • Manufacturing buildings
  • Community centres
  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s)
  • Retail outlets
  • Warehousing companies
  • Farm Buildings

The Benefits

  • Significantly cut your business overheads through use of generated electricity
  • Income from the Feed in Tariff Scheme
  • Protect your business against future increases in utility prices, whilst reducing your Co2 footprint
  • Help you comply with the government Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and achieve tax reductions on your electricity bills through the Climate Change Levy (CCL) and climate change agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

What size system can I install?

You can install almost any size solar PV system, but this is limited to the size restriction given by the district network operator (DNO) who is responsible for the electricity network in your location.

We can advise on this, and can complete a G59 application on your behalf for your installation, which is applicable to installations 4kw and over. A G59 application is usually assessed and responded to by the DNO in up to 45 working days.

Can battery storage be added to a commercial solar PV installation

Yes. We have extensive knowledge regarding battery storage and can advise you regarding how you can add battery storage to your solar PV installation to gain more benefits for your organisation.

Do you have MCS accreditation?

Yes – We have MSC accreditation for many renewable technologies, including large scale commercial Solar PV installations.

Further Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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