We’re delighted to receive another Solar PV Installation Award

Today we, Lambert Electrical Ltd, now trading as PowerPoint, received a certificate of award, recognising that our Solar PV installation services are of the highest quality and that our Solar PV customers are delighted with the service they received.

Independent Warranty Association (IWA)

The Independent Warranty Association (IWA) recognised that we have obtained a customer satisfaction rating of 95% for our Solar PV Installations in 2015/2016, during their annual installation quality survey.

Thank you to our Installation Staff

This is a great achievement, which we are grateful to all our installation staff for helping us to obtain this score. Our staff are the reason why we achieve high levels of satisfaction; we know how to treat customers well and how to provide a great customer focused service.

It is further proof demonstrating we supply a superior service to all our Solar PV customers and we are adhering to strict high quality standard as set by IWA.

Watch this space

But, just because we have an award this doesn’t mean that we are going to stop trying to achieve evermore higher levels of quality, we always endeavour to go above and beyond our customer’s expectations. And we have another 5% satisfaction to fulfil, to reach 100%…. Watch this space!



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