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Electric Vehicle Charge Points

We can provide you with an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution to meet your needs. Our services include the design, supply, installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charge points at your home.

PowerPoint has chosen to partner with Rolec using their Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Units for installations, as Rolec offer the largest range of high quality EV charging products in Europe – and at a competitive price.

Whatever your requirements we will be able to source a ROLEC charging solution that meets all your requirements.

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ROLEC EV Chargepoints

See the full range of ROLEC EV Charge points and accessories at the ROLEC EV website (click on the icon above).

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an electric charge point installation take?

The installation takes up to one day, depending on location of charge point and your current electrical wiring locations.

We will undertake a survey of this and advise you prior to installation.

Do you offer tethered leads?

Yes. We also offer stand alone charging sockets with separate charging leads.

Where would the charge point be located at my home?

The charge point would be located outside your home, as close as possible to your current off road parking. We will liaise with you on the installation day to find the best location for you.

Will the charge point affect my other household electrical appliances?

No. Your other household electrical appliances will not be affected by your charge point, but you will need to limit the use of some appliances when using the charge point due to domestic electricity load limitations. You will be advised about this on the day of your installation.

Further Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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