Energy Storage in the headlines

MPs are highlighting to the government that more emphasis needs to be made on energy storage to help lower the risk of energy blackouts in the future.

Battery Storage from solar PV electricity generation – a solution?

As discussed in a BBC news science article, power providers are currently paid to make electricity available to meet future demand. Battery storage from Solar PV electricity generation is one way to accomplish this easily.

The government’s current capacity market model

The government’s current capacity market model is weighted heavily towards old energy generation technologies. Energy generated from fossil fuels have 15 year payments contracts applied to them to encourage investment in methods of ensuring electricity supply and capacity. Energy storage schemes, which only have 4 year contracts available.

Energy and Climate Change Committee

The Energy and Climate Change Committee has suggested that ministers should consider implementing subsidies to encourage large scale adoption of energy storage, specifically from renewable energy generation.

If you have Solar PV installed on your property, to generate electricity, now may be a great time to upgrade your system and install battery storage. Battery storage allows you to store the energy your system generates so you can use it at a time to suit you (usually out of daylight hours).

Please see the full article on the BBC Website: Energy subsidies should focus on storage and cutting demand, MPs say, 15/10/2015


Battery Storage control panel - Energy Storage in the headlines


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