Make your Solar PV system generate more energy for you

Solar PV Voltage Optimisation

Install a Solar PV plus unit as an addition to your Solar PV system; allow your inverter to generate energy for you, for longer

Over-Current Protection

Extend the life of your Solar PV Inverter.
The PV+ unit protects the inverter against periods of over-current; by reducing the voltage supply to your inverter any heat build up and stresses caused by over-voltage are reduced and helps to prolong the operating lifespan of your inverter.


Quick and Simple Installation

The PV+ unit is installed by a qualified electrician to enhance your Solar PV system. The installation process takes a minimum of time and disruption; once installed, the unit starts making energy savings for you.

Extend the Life of Household Appliances

By monitoring and lowering voltages within your home will allow your appliances to run more efficiently at voltages they are designed to run at, rather than higher voltages which can put unnecessary stresses on the appliance.

Increase the Energy Generated by Your Solar PV System

To be compliant with G83 regulations, your inverter is forced to switch off if it encounters over-voltage at levels over 246Vac. This means that your Solar PV system stops generating energy for you to use or export to the Grid. The PV+ unit lowers voltages within your home, allowing your inverter to work for longer periods of time, preventing inverter shut down and helping to generate more energy over time.

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